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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Gerab’s Quality Management System integrates all aspects of quality related elements to ensure its dependability. The continuous improvement philosophy adopted in Gerab drives all its divisions to review on a timely basis all internal processes and make regular updates in the ISO L3 procedures and the implement the latest best practices in the industry.

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Quality inspired principles guided Gerab to become the first UAE based company in the piping supply industry to acquire the ISO certification in 1994, and the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 version in 2001. Gerab has been the quality benchmark for other vendors to follow. Reporting directly to the CEO, the Quality Control and Assurance Division is a key component of Gerabs’ total quality approach. The division follows all quality related processes, and takes necessary steps to assure and ensure that supply services meet the highest possible quality standards.

Head Office

Gerab National Enterprises LLC. P.O. Box 17719, R/A 7, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE.